Pet Feeder Part 2

I found a forum where someone asked about doing exactly what I’m trying to do, use a RAMPS board to drive stepper motors not for a 3D printer. They were directed to use this code example to get started. What great fortune, I don’t have to figure this out on my own! Unfortunately, it wasn’t […]

Network Revamp Part 2

From part 1, here are the criteria I’m working towards for the new setup. Run UniFi Controller on a Raspberry Pi 4 Run pfSense or Sophos directly on the Dell PC rather than on a VM By pass the HomeHub3000 completely and run fiber directly into the Cisco switch I didn’t talk about this […]

Home Assistant – Room Tracking 2

Last post I walked through setting up Room Assistant and wasn’t super happy with it. I’m giving Find a try today which can work in 2 different ways: Passive Tracking This is similar to Room Assistant, except instead of Bluetooth it uses WiFi. This doesn’t require anything to be set-up on the device you’re tracking, […]

Bad Nest!

With Google semi-recently closing down their APIs for Nest products, I was starting to look for a new Thermostat. This was unfortunate since the Nest thermostat is a really nice looking piece of hardware. Fortunately someone did some sleuthing and figured out what the new APIs are and published them in an unofficial HA integration. […]