While writing my last 2 posts, an update came out for HA. There don’t appear to have been any breaking changes, so I’m going forward with the update and hoping it will be a painless experience. If so, there shouldn’t be much to this post at all, let’s find out!

According to the Hassbian common tasks page, you can use the hassbian-config tool to so the update for you with one command:

sudo hassbian-config upgrade home-assistant

Yeah, that didn’t work. Maybe my Pi needs to be updated.

sudo apt-get update

sudo hassbian-config upgrade home-assistant

Same thing, I suspect the update isn’t ready yet so I’ll wait a day or two and try again. [Dec 3, 2017]

Ok, Dec 4th around the same time of day as the last attempt with absolutely nothing else done, the script ran successfully. I take that to mean Hassbian gets customized updates, or at least relies on someone on the Hassbian team making the upgrade available. No big deal, it’s too bad the the failure looks so angry, but I’m glad I didn’t invest further time trying to debug a problem that was out of my control.



That’s it, a mostly pain free upgrade. With this instance of HA I’m hoping to keep on top of the updates so that I don’t end up so far behind that it’s faster to start from scratch.

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